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Conference room

For over 20 people: The most convenient solution for large conferences and events.


The equipment set typically includes:

  • A projector with a large screen or several large monitors, or a video wall or LED screen.

  • Duplicate monitors on side walls or on the table.

  • A video conferencing system with multiple cameras with automatic tracking.

  • An extended sound system.

  • Table or ceiling microphones, a congress system with gooseneck microphones.

  • Interactive whiteboards or smartboards.

  • Wireless device connectivity (BYOD, AirPlay, Miracast, Wi-Fi).

  • Ports for connecting laptops (HDMI, USB).

  • A room control system (video, sound, air conditioning, lighting, etc.).

  • A touch panel for controlling presentations and video conferences, supporting services like ZOOM, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Organize your conferences at the highest level. Order installation now!

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